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Mapping - special edition
Mapping - special edition
Mapping - special edition
Mapping - special edition
Mapping - special edition

Mapping - special edition

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  • Edition 100
  • Book Mapping with Special Edition cover, numbered
  • Bookcase made of greyboard sleeve and silkscreen printing
  • Art print 200x150mm (white border included), numbered and signed

We are Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe, an artist couple . Together with our three young children we travel through Europe, looking for special landscapes to work and live in. Last year we traveled to Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Scotland. The most important theme in our work is the relationship between man and nature. We research this theme by working with artificial light in landscapes.

The project. In 2018 we have worked on the Mapping series, where we project lines with a laser pen onto the landscape. With this series we investigate, in addition to subjectivism, the human inclination to structure, organize and understand the landscape. The 'scans' that arise after projecting the lines, visualize a part of the endless possibilities to experience a landscape.

The book. We will bundle the images from the Mapping series in a beautiful book. This book gives us the opportunity to make more people enthusiastic about our work and our theme. We will make this book together with creative agency ...,staat and printing company Lenoirschuring. ...,staat has translated our theme into a great book design and Lenoirschuring is responsible for lithography and high-quality printing.