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Under Vancouver
Under Vancouver
Under Vancouver
Under Vancouver
Under Vancouver

Under Vancouver

Greg Girard
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Under Vancouver 1972-1982
Hard Cover 7 x 9.75 inches (178 x 247 mm)
184 pages
90+ colour and black and white photographs
Q&As with David Campany and William Gibson
The photographs in Under Vancouver 1972-1982 show Vancouver's final days as a port town at the end of the rail line. Living in cheap hotels I photographed the cafes, pool halls and working waterfront of the city where I grew up. Many of the downtown streets ended at the waterfront. Pawn shop windows displayed outboard motors, chainsaws and commercial fishing gear. Soon after these pictures were made Vancouver began to be noticed by the wider world (Expo 86 is generally agreed as the pivotal moment), refashioning itself as an urban resort on nature's doorstep and a destination for real estate investment. This book is the first comprehensive collection of my Vancouver photographs.